This has been a game changer for my business, 'Cubed Consulting Accountants', but also my personal development skills. It has allowed me to develop as a business person around a supportive group that are all driving in the same direction. I would encourage anyone that is looking for more sales for the business to come down and meet everyone and see how the group help each other.

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Mark Munnelly Cubed Consulting Accountants

So good to support a new business owner! Joined BNI Chariots as I’d started my own Coaching and Leadership training company after a long corporate career leading big teams so I was looking for a pseudo team to be part of instead and BNI Chariots hit the spot. Yes it’s great for working collaboratively for passing and receiving referrals but it’s been far better than expected to help you work on your business as you have so much in common from those in your group. It’s fun making good social connections too. Don’t regret it as it has definitely supported me in establishing my company, 'Sam Mancey Coaching and Consulting', successfully.

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Sam Mancy Sam Mancy Coaching and Consulting

Would I recommend BNI? Yes! Without hesitation. I have been a member of BNI Chariots and have been networking in Hertfordshire for over 12 years now. Every year my renewal comes around I have a conundrum. My BNI membership takes effort and time, which as a business owner I feel I am short of, but when I run the numbers of business I have generated through my BNI network, it is huge. I have also grown massively in confidence since joining. When I first started at the networking group, I really struggled to talk in public. After just a year of being at BNI, I was presenting in front of 400 people! My confidence in public speaking and myself in general has hugely improved. In the last 12 months my BNI network has generated over £400,000 of revenue for my business, which is awesome.

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